Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sensory Workshops

The sensory workshops are directed to people who have sensory limitations focusing on those who have blind/partially sighted or deaf/hard of hearing.

The fundamental intentions of these workshops are to positively enhance the lives of people with sensory limitation, as often they are restricted to expressing themselves physically, emotionally and creatively. The workshops are a way of provide creative opportunities, whilst providing emotionally support and confidence building.

The workshops are a creative, fun and healing journey where you gain knowledge, skills and techniques in professional craft.  As the object are shaped and formed so will your confidence. Here you have the opportunity to create a desired sensory object that is personal to you. It may have sentimental or nostalgic values or sensory qualities.

One on one personal workshop

Work with me one on one where together we personally and create something that is directly unique and special to you.

·         Go to sensory environments for inspirations and ideas collecting naturally sourced or recycled sensory materials.

·          Designing your object. Could take the forms of pendants, lighting, garden objects, rings, clocks, bags, sensory boxes, vessels or toys.

·         Will be taught and shown professional techniques working with materials including wood, metal, textiles and ceramics

·         Given the opportunity to up cycle and unwanted objects and transforming them into new exciting designs.

·         Mobile home service.


Group Workshops

 Working in small groups (6 max) in a relaxed, sociable and fun environment. Creating a sensory object what is personally designed for you.

·         Workshops conducted at Cavology at Cobden chambers, Pelham Street

(Nottingham city centre)

·         My Sight charity shop, Carlton Street (Nottingham city centre)

·         Does mobile visits to schools, charities, clubs and hospitals.

·         Sensory material is provided


After completing workshops you will be given the opportunity to exhibit the sensory objects/ art created. This will be in sensory exhibition that will encourage the audience to view through the other 5 senses, rather than just visually.

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